Measurement Techniques

, Volume 17, Issue 5, pp 731–733 | Cite as

Compensation of instability of contact resistance of capacitive transducer in an input measuring circuit

  • Yu. B. Dvoeglazov
  • R. S. Pankrat'eva
Measurements of Electrical and Magnetic Quantities


Theoretical prediction and experiment revealed that the use of a parallel-resonant circuit operated with slight frequency detuning, in the input measuring circuit, makes it possible to enhance the stability of the measurements appreciably.

At the practically attainable parameters of components of the resonant circuit, the compensating action of the detuned resonant circuit in response to changes in the contact reactance of the capacitive transducer attaining tens of percents will exceed by a whole order of magnitude the accuracy of measurements obtained when using a parallel circuit operating at the resonant frequency, in the input circuit of the device.


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  • Yu. B. Dvoeglazov
  • R. S. Pankrat'eva

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