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Über Reaktionen mit Betainen, 22. Mitt. Über S-Bétaine und ihre Beziehungen zu stabilen S-Yliden

  • Erich Ziegler
  • Helga Wittmann
  • Heinz Sterk
Organische Chemie Und Biochemie

Reactions with betaines, XXII. On S-betaines and their relationship to the stable S-ylides


A comparative study has been performed on ethyl-methyl- and diethyl-mercaptoacetic acid (1 and2), and thianeaceticacid betain (3) with respect to their reactivity towards haloacetic acid anhydrides and 4-nitrobenzene-diazonium tetrafluoroborate. The results show that in analogy to related N-betaines the alkyl substituents at the cationic reaction center display a strong influence on reactivity. The most stable S-ylides are obtained from the cyclic S-betain3 in high yield. The1H-NMR spectra reveal that the protons of the methylene groups in compounds1–3 are fully exchanged for deuterium (in D2O) in contrast to the behavior of the corresponding N-betaines.


Tetrahydrothiopyranium acetic acid betain Mono- and diacyl-S-ylides 1,5-Bis (4-nitrophenyl)-3-tetrahydrothiopyranium formazane tetrafluoro-borate 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Erich Ziegler
    • 1
  • Helga Wittmann
    • 1
  • Heinz Sterk
    • 1
  1. 1.Institut für Organische ChemieKarl-Franzens-Universität GrazGrazÖsterreich

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