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Variation of some soil properties along two toposequences on quartzite schist and banded gneiss in Southwestern Nigeria

  • Ogunkunle A. O. 


Samples were taken at 0–15 cm, 15–30 cm and 60–90 cm at 15 m interval from the crest to the valley bottom of two toposequences, one on quartzite schist and the other on banded gneiss within the same microclimate. Variations in pH, colour, (hue, value and chroma) particle size fractions, gravimetric moisture, gravel and CEC were examined. Soil pH was the least variable (cv = 3–5%) irrespective of depth or toposequence. The highly variable properties were silt (cv = 34–106%), CEC (cv = 22–101%), moisture (cv = 33–67%), clay (cv = 30–66%) and colour chroma (cv = 26–62%). Some of the properties (eg subsoil clay) show distinct regions while many properties show no discernible pattern along the toposequence (eg coarse sand). The quartz schist toposequence showed higher variation than the banded gneiss. The two toposequences were more similar near the soil surface (0–30cm) than in the subsoil (60–90cm). Clustering of points by property values along the toposequence and using the clusters that are common to the highest number of soil properties produced 3–4, and 4 homogeneous regions at 0–30cm and 60–90cm respectively along the toposequences.


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