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Soils as a basis of farming in Slovenia

  • Lovrenčak Franc 


The great variety of natural factors of landforms, lithology, climate, water, and vegetation in Slovenia has also resulted in great variety of its pedosphere. During the pedogenetic process, 19 groups of soils have developed which in connection with other natural and social factors, influence the use of land for farming in Slovenia. The most significant for the agrarian activity are eutric and dystric cambisols on fluvial sediments on the bottoms of the basins and lowlands in central and eastern Slovenia. Meadows and pastures were arranged on rendzinas on calcocambisols in central and SW Slovenia. Orchards and vineyards are located on eutric cambisol on marl and flysch on the hills of NE and SW Slovenia. Meanwhile the distribution of forests which grow on rendzinas, calcocambisols, and dystric cambisols is influenced more by the landforms and higher altitudes, the inclination of slopes, and lithologic composition than by the soil.


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