Mechanism of regression of mammary gland carcinoma in lactating rats

  • N. D. Lagova


The effect of the conditions of lactation on the frequency of regression of a transplantable mammary gland carcinoma RMK-1 was studied in albino rats. In rats feeding 8±1 young the tumor underwent regression in 47% of cases. After ovariectomy and administration of cortisone and oxytocin, which have an indirect inhibitory action on the secretion of FSH by the pituitary, the frequency of regression of tumors in rats feeding the same number of young rose to 71–81%. In rats with prolonged lactation, feeding 8±1 young for 2–2.5 months, and in rats with intensive lactation feeding litters of 13±2 young, regression of the tumors did not increase. The results confirm the validity of the hypothesis that, besides high secretion of pituitary FSH, a decrease in the secretion of pituitary LH plays a role in the regression of mammary gland carcinoma in the course of lactation.

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carcinoma regression lactation 


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