Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

, Volume 87, Issue 4, pp 364–367 | Cite as

Microcirculation in the serous membranes of rats with spontaneous genetic hypertension

  • A. A. Vorob'eva
Morphology and Pathomorphology


A comparative study was made of the microcirculation (MC) of the serous membranes of rats with spontaneous genetic hypertension (SHR) and rats with normal blood pressure (Wistar). The disturbance of MC in hypertension was shown to affect the system as a whole, as shown by structural changes in each of its components (arterioles, precapillaries, capillaries, postcapillaries, venules, lymphatic capillaries and postcapillaries, nerve fibers), and the lesions were generalized, for the changes in all serous membranes studied were of the same kind. The similarity of the changes in MC of the serous membranes of SHR rats and of persons dying from essential hypertension confirms the hypothesis that the changes in MC are stereotyped and relatively specific for hypertension. The specificity of the hypertensive changes in MC is expressed as severe vascular changes of a special kind, whereas the nonspecific changes consist of a combination of intra- and perivascular changes accompanied by only minimal vascular changes, representing the universal response of MC to various stresses.

Key Words

microcirculation spontaneous genetic hypertension essential hypertension 


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  • A. A. Vorob'eva

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