Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

, Volume 79, Issue 3, pp 292–294 | Cite as

Restoration of the immune response by macrophages in mice after administration of immunodepressants

  • I. S. Freidlin
  • N. K. Artemenko
Microbiology and Immunology


The possibility of restoring the primary immune response in mice immunized with bacteriophage T2 after administration of various immunodepressants (actinomycin D, olivomycin, rifampicin, chloramphenicol, chloroquine, histone F2a, and bacterial lipopolysaccharide) was studied. For this purpose peritoneal macrophages from intact syngeneic donors were transferred simultaneously with injection of the antigen into the recipients following administration of the immunodepressants. The immunodepressive effects of most of the substances studied could be completely compensated in this way. Macrophages can thus be regarded as one of the sites of action of the immunodepressants studied. The results also indicate a role of the macrophages in the induction of the primary immune response to bacteriophage T2 (synthesis of phage-neutralizing antibodies).

Key Words

primary immune response immunodepressants macrophages 


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  • I. S. Freidlin
  • N. K. Artemenko

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