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Effect of inhibition of synthesis in the S-period on the subsequent course of mitosis in a synchronized chinese hamster cell culture

  • L. S. Strochkova
Experimental Biology


Transcription of total nuclear RNA and rRNA was inhibited by actinomycin D and protein synthesis inhibited by puromycin in the first and second halves of the S-period of the mitotic cycle in a synchronized culture of Chinese hamster cells. In the first case a reduction in mitotic activity was observed in the first and second waves of cell proliferation after synchronization regardless of the time of administration of antibiotics. At the same time an increase was observed in the number of pathological mitoses such as C-mitoses and scattering of the chromosomes in metaphase, and suppression of rRNA synthesis led to delay in emergence of the cells from mitosis (an increase in the fraction of ana- and telophases), associated most frequently with pathological mitoses such as chromatid and chromosomal bridges. Inhibition of protein synthesis in the first half of the S-period usually did not affect the mitotic regime of the cell culture in the first (nearest) wave of divisons but considerably inhibited cell division in the distant proliferation wave. It can tentatively be suggested that the cells enter the S-period with a complete set of proteins for the initiation and maintenance of genome replication, at least in the first stages of this process.

Key Words

mitosis synchronized cell culture S-period actinomycin D puromycin 


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  • L. S. Strochkova

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