Ultracytochemical investigation of ATPase activity in mucosal parietal cells and in adenocarcinoma cells of the human stomach

  • A. G. Perevoshchikov
  • I. B. Bukhvalov
  • É. A. Mikhailov


An electron-histochemical investigation was made of ATPase in the partietal cells of the mucous membrane and in tumor cells of an adenocarcinoma of the human stomach, with similar ultrastructure. The reaction product for ATPase in the parietal cells was found on membranes of microvilli of the intracellular tubules, on membranes bounding the lateral intercellular spaces, on the basal plasmalemma, and in the nucleoli. No reaction product was found on membranes of the tubulovesicles or on the apical surface of the plasmalemma. The reaction product was observed in the tumor cells on membranes of the villi of the intracellular tubules, on the basal plasmalemma, and in the nucleoli. Comparison of ATPase activity in these cells showed that the part of the mechanism of hydrochloric acid secretion that is connected with H+ and Cl transport is preserved in the tumor cells. The permanent decrease in hydrochloric acid secretion by the gastric mucosa in the presence of cancer and by the cancer itself is probably attributable to other mechanisms.

Key Words

adenocarcinoma of the stomach parietal cells adenosine triphosphatase electron histochemistry 


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  • A. G. Perevoshchikov
  • I. B. Bukhvalov
  • É. A. Mikhailov

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