Catecholamine luminescence reaction in neurons of the spinal sensory ganglion

  • Z. I. Mikheeva
  • D. S. Gordon
Morphology and Pathomorphology


The spinal ganglia of 45 cats were studied by the method of Falck and Hillarp in Krokhina's modification, and parallel investigations were made by Nissl and Unna's methods, staining for lipofuscin, and by the Masson-Fontana method for serotonin. Two types of neurons were discovered: neurons of one type had yellowish-white granules in the region of the axon hillock and speckled yellowish granules and diffuse greenish luminescence in the perikaryon, while those of the second type had orange granules, gathered into small clumps all over the region of the perikaryon. Neurons of both types were surrounded by single adrenergic nerve fibers.

Key Words

neurons of spinal ganglia catecholamines adrenergic nerve fibers 


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  • Z. I. Mikheeva
  • D. S. Gordon

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