Changes in some rheological properties of the blood after resuscitation

  • A. Ya. Evtushenko
  • D. E. Van'kov
Pathological Physiology and General Pathology


In experiments on cats anesthetized with pentobarbital, the dynamic viscosity of the blood and the aggregative power of the blood cells were studied during the first 2 h after resuscitation by means of a capillary loop viscosimeter. An increase in viscosity was found both in the zone of small (1.82 dyn/cm2) and in the zone of large (10.94 dyn/cm2) shear stresses. The increase in the hematocrit index and in the aggregative power of the blood cells plays a definite role in the increase in viscosity.

Key Words

resuscitation viscosity of the blood rheological indices 


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  • A. Ya. Evtushenko
  • D. E. Van'kov

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