Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

, Volume 86, Issue 4, pp 1390–1392 | Cite as

Autoradiographic investigation of stimulation of RNA synthesis in fibroblasts

  • G. N. Dudnikova
Experimental Biology


The rate of uptake of uridine-5-3M into fibroblasts from skin and muscle wounds of control and experimental animals and also into fibroblasts of loose connective tissue of intact animals was studied. The character of uptake and the distribution of the isotope in the nuclei and cytoplasm of loose connective tissue fibroblasts from intact mice was shown to differ from that in wound fibroblasts only in their intensity. Stimulation of RNA synthesis by potassium orotate in the fibroblast nuclei was closely linked with an increase in the rate and intensity of migration of labeled RNA from the cell nuclei to the sites of collagen synthesis.

Key Words

RNA synthesis nucleo-cytoplasmic transport fibroblasts potassium orotate 


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  • G. N. Dudnikova

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