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Effect of antidiuretic hormone on the ultrastructure of the kidney

  • V. S. Orlov
Morphology and Pathomorphology


During the antidiuretic reaction induced in rats by injection of antidiuretic hormone after moderate water loading, by contrast with injection of the hormone without water loading, widening of the intercellular spaces and basal labyrinth in the epithelium of the collecting tubules and of the thin descending segment of the loop of the nephron, evidently connected with the presence of an intratubular pressure gradient under these conditions, was found. After injection of the hormone in both variants, vacuolation of the cytoplasm and widening of the perinuclear space of the interstitial cells of the renal medulla took place. The results confirm the hypothesis that intercellular contact plays a role in the transepithelial reabsorption of water in the kidney during the urine concentration process, and they also point to participation of the interstitial cells in this process.

Key Words

kidney antidiuretic reaction antidiuretic hormone transepithelial reabsorption of water interstitial cells of the renal medulla 


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  • V. S. Orlov

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