Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

, Volume 86, Issue 5, pp 1487–1490 | Cite as

Changes in resistance of mice of various strains to tumors under the influence of immunologic factors

  • A. I. Volegov


In experiments on mice with administration of a carcinogen in the early period after immunization (BCG vaccine, Freund's complete adjuvant) it was shown that an increase or decrease in the resistance of the animal to tumors may be determined by hereditary features. Antitumor resistance was reduced under these circumstances only in mice of strains in which a known predisposition to the formation of a state of allergy to tuberculin has been observed. In the late stages after immunization, when the intensity of the allergic component of reactivity was reduced, antitumor resistance was substantially higher than initially.

Key Words

heredity immunologic factors allergy antitumor resistance 


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  • A. I. Volegov

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