Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

, Volume 86, Issue 2, pp 1040–1042 | Cite as

An isoelectric focusing study of chick and mouse interferons

  • I. Z. Zaretskii
  • M. B. Petukhova
  • F. I. Ershov
Biochemistry and Biophysics


Chick and mouse interferons were studied by isoelectric focusing in sucrose and in polyacrylamide gel. The advantages of the focusing in gel method compared with focusing in sucrose for interferon analysis are demonstrated.

Key Words

isoelectric focusing interferon 


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Copyright information

© Plenum Publishing Corporation 1979

Authors and Affiliations

  • I. Z. Zaretskii
  • M. B. Petukhova
  • F. I. Ershov

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