Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

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Effect of injury to the maternal liver on reactive changes in the liver of the young

  • N. I. Tsirel'nikov
Experimental Biology


The liver of young rats aged 30 days was studied spectrocytophotometrically (content of glycogen, amino acids, RNA, and DNA) and morphometrically (size of the nuclei and nucleoli, mitotic index) 48 h after intragastric administration of CCl4. Toxic hepatitis had been produced in the mothers of these rats before pregnancy. The results indicate that previous hepatitis in the mother not only affected the morphological nature and histochemical properities of the liver of the progeny, but also led to considerable changes in the response of the hepatocytes to administration of the poison, for the harmful effect of the hepatotoxin was increased.

Key Words

injury to the liver by CCl4 toxic hepatitis hepatocytes changes in liver of the progeny 


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  • N. I. Tsirel'nikov

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