Production of influenza antibodies by lymphocytes of the respiratory tract

  • E. N. Agranovskaya
  • A. I. Mal'tseva
  • Ya. S. Shvartsman
  • L. V. Solilova-Bozhenko
Microbiology and Immunology


Antibody production against influenza virus by lymphocytes of the human nasopharyngeal tonsils and the tracheal wall of rats was investigated. Antibody-producing cells were found in preparations of lymphadenoid tissue removed in the postepidemic period. Intranasal immunization of rats with living influenza vaccine led to the accumulation of producer cells in the tracheal wall and of antibodies in the secretions of the respiratory tract. Reimmunization was followed by a well-marked secondary response. A characteristic feature of secretory immunity is the slower formation of producer cells and of antibodies than is observed in the system of general immunity.

Key Words

antibodies lymphocytes influenza respiratory tract 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • E. N. Agranovskaya
  • A. I. Mal'tseva
  • Ya. S. Shvartsman
  • L. V. Solilova-Bozhenko

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