Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

, Volume 81, Issue 4, pp 623–625 | Cite as

Reactions of lymphocytes and macrophages of guinea pigs to toxic action of influenza virus

  • L. V. Bozhenko
  • G. I. Il'in
  • L. Ya. Reikh
  • T. Ya. Luzyanina
Morphology and Pathomorphology


Influenza ciruses differing in their virulence to man have different effects on lymphocytes and macrophages in the peritoneal exudate of intraperitoneally infected guinea pigs. With strengthening of the virulent properties of influenza viruses for man, their inhibitory action on guinea pig lymphocytes and macrophages also intensifies. Weakly virulent strains of influenza viruses cause a substantial increase in the functional activity of macrophages but they have no lympholytic properties. Since differences in the cell composition of the exudate and in the functional state of the macrophages correlated with the degree of virulence of the viruses to man, the study of responses of lymphocytes and macrophages of animals resistant to influenza virus can be used to determine the toxic properties of test viruses.

Key Words

Influenza viruses virulence reactions of lymphocytes and macrophages 


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  • L. V. Bozhenko
  • G. I. Il'in
  • L. Ya. Reikh
  • T. Ya. Luzyanina

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