Enterochromaffin cells of the rat duodenal mucosa

  • E. S. Starkova
  • B. T. Anufriev
Morphology and Pathomorphology


Enterochromaffin cells of the rat duodenal mucosa were revealed by the Falk-Hillarp fluorescence histochemical method, the Masson-Hamperl method, and the diazo method with Fast Red. These cells are components of the surface epithelium of the crypts and villi. In the villus they are bottle-shaped and in the crypts triangular. The number of cells detected by the three methods specified above differed in the crypts and villi. They were most numerous when revealed by the Falk-Hillarp method, and less so when the Masson-Hamperl and diazo methods were used.

Key Words

enterochromaffin cells fluorescence histochemical method 

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  • E. S. Starkova
  • B. T. Anufriev

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