Metal Science and Heat Treatment

, Volume 28, Issue 8, pp 612–613 | Cite as

Effect of heat treatment on cyclic-wear resistance of steel shot

  • B. A. Dvorvadkin
  • A. A. Brosev
  • Yu. A. Silenkova
Technical Information


After heat treatment consisting of heating in a protective atmosphere to (780–830)±20°C depending on the shot size, water-quenching, and medium-temperature tempering at 360±20°, the cyclic wear resistance of the steel shot increases from 30–50 cycles (in the as-cast condition) to 450–500 cycles. The shot microstructure changes from coarse martensite to a mixture of troostite and fine martensite.


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  • B. A. Dvorvadkin
  • A. A. Brosev
  • Yu. A. Silenkova

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