Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

, Volume 82, Issue 5, pp 1723–1726 | Cite as

Restorative processes in dog muscles after free auto-and homografting

  • N. N. Bosova
Experimental Biology


Whole gastrocnemius muscles, denervated 1 month previously by division of the tibial nerve, were autografted and homografted in dogs. The transplanted muscles took at the site of grafting, but some of the transplanted material died and was resorbed; myoblasts were liberated from the viable part of the disintegrating material. As a result of further differentiation of myogenic elements in the autografts the blood supply and innervation were restored in good time and the muscle organ reconstructed. Its contractile activity also was restored. The homografts did not take permanently: The newly formed muscle died because of the incompatibility reaction. Preliminary denervation is thus an effective means of preparing muscle tissue for subsequent autografting.

Key words

Transplantation of muscles denervation of muscles gastrocnemius muscle 


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  • N. N. Bosova

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