Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

, Volume 27, Issue 4, pp 438–442 | Cite as

Shock-wave parameters in the explosive expansion of effervescing liquid

  • S. P. Medvedev
  • A. N. Polenov
  • B. E. Gel'fand


The parameters of the plane shock waves (SW) formed in the dispersion of a liquid volume which is superheated with respect to the external conditions are measured in a shock tube with a heated high-pressure chamber. It is shown that the basic contribution to the compression-phase pulse of the SW in the dispersion of a stratified liquid—saturated-vapor system is due to the evaporation of the liquid component. The wave amplitude is determined by the pressure ratio between the dispersing volume and the surrounding medium and depends weakly on the liquid properties.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • S. P. Medvedev
  • A. N. Polenov
  • B. E. Gel'fand

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