Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

, Volume 27, Issue 2, pp 191–199 | Cite as

The theory of bubble combustion reactors

  • V. N. Likhachev
  • G. S. Sukhov
  • L. P. Yarin


We have proposed a mathematical model of the combustion of bubble reactive media in which the heat of the reaction is initially expended on the heating of a vapor-gas mixture contained within bubbles, and then the fluid is transferred through the interphase surface, as a consequence of which the fluid becomes heated and vaporizes. Under certain assumptions (a low volumetric gas-phase content, intensive mixing of the original components and the final products, quasiequilibrium of the vapor-formation process) we have derived approximate analytical expressions for the heat-release and heat-transfer functions, and we have solved numerically the heat-balance equation. We have investigated the possible combustion regimes and have determined the regions in which the steady state exists.


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  • V. N. Likhachev
  • G. S. Sukhov
  • L. P. Yarin

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