Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

, Volume 31, Issue 4, pp 466–470 | Cite as

On the mechanism of weakening and breaking of gas detonation in channels with acoustically absorbing walls

  • O. V. Sharypov
  • Ye. A. Pirogov


The physical mechanisms of the weakening of detonation waves in channels with acoustically absorbing and, particularly, porous walls are analyzed on the basis of experimental data available. The effect of weakening (and breaking) of a multifront detonation wave due to the inelastic properties of the channel walls was numerically investigated within the framework of a simplified mathematical model for propagation of two-dimensional gas detonation. The role of different physical mechanisms in the narrowing of the domain of near-critical detonation regimes observed experimentally is determined. A criterion for effectiveness of the influence of the acoustic properties of the wall on the detonation wave is formulated.


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  • O. V. Sharypov
  • Ye. A. Pirogov

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