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Mechanism of inhibition of anaphylactic reaction by narcosis


The mechanisms involved in the arrest of anaphylactic reaction by anesthesia were analyzed. As demonstrated, inhibition of anaphylactic reaction occurs at the expense of the changes in tissue sensitivity resulting not from the tissue poisoning by anesthetics, but from altered functional condition of the central nervous system. A suggestion is made that in such a complicated polystructural reaction as the anaphylaxis, there are two interconnected and interrelated phases: immunochemical and physiological or specific and nonspecific. The author's own data and that derived from the literature show that realization of the specific phase of anaphylactic reaction may be effected without the nervous system playing a leading part in it, whereas the nonspecific phase of this reaction occurs with the participation of the neuro-reflex control, as a decisive factor.

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I consider it my duty to express my sincere thanks to Corresponding Member AN SSSR Kh. S. Koshtoyants for kindly providing the facilities for the conduction of this work.

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