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On the participation of argyrophyllic fibers in reparative osteogenesis after partial extipration of the cerebral cortex

  • M. B. Rappoport


In rabbits with partial decortication considerable delay and disturbance of the osteogenic process are seen 15–20 days after the injury in the tissue replacing the ulnar bone defects. In the latter the tissues are characterized by the following abnormalities: there is a smaller quantity of argyrophil fibers than in control rabbits, they are more coarse, ununiformly impregnated with silver and a part of them is subjected to early or late collagenization. In 35–40 days, when in control animals a considerable part of the reticular fibers has transformed into collagenous fibers, the former are still retained for a long time in the experimental animals. In connection with disturbed osteogenesis the callus tissue often consists of the fibrous-cartilaginous tissue. In the latter coarse, thick reticular fibers are detected at the late periods. In the articular ends of the false joints, which are often formed after injury of the cerebral cortex, coarse fibrous trabeculae with argyrophil framework are often retained for 200 days.


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  • M. B. Rappoport
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Pathological Anatomy of the Archangel Medical InstituteArchangelUSSR

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