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The combined action of the spleen and other organs

Communication II. The rate of renewal of proteins, the synthesis of urea and the content of the antianemic factor in the liver of white rats with experimental splenopathy
  • L. I. Geller
Biochemistry and Biophysics


In experimental splenomegaly of white rats caused by the intraperitoneal injection of methylcellulose the velocity of protein renovation is found to be decreased in the liver (determined by the test of radioactive methionine incorporation into the liver proteins). The urea-forming function of the liver is also disturbed (tested of the urea synthesis by the liver sections). Experiments demonstrated that the pathological enlargement of the spleen with the disturbance of its functions reduces the antianemic factor content of the liver. This may to a certain extent explain the anemia occurring in various diseases connected with splenomegaly.


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  • L. I. Geller
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  1. 1.Ufa Scientific Research Institute of Hygiene and Occupational DiseasesUfaUSSR

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