Influence of electromagnetic fields on the electrical activity of rabbit cerebral cortex


The effect of electromagnetic fields on the bioelectric activity of cerebral cortex was investigated on 98 rabbits. As established, the electromagnetic field provokes signal changes in the electroencephalogram: Increased intensity of the magnetic field raises the reaction of the cerebral cortex. Exclusion of various receptor fields (of hearing, vision, smell, vestibular apparatus) had no effect on the reaction of the brain to the action of the electromagnetic field. This led to a suggestion on the possibility of direct action of electromagnetic fields on the brain.

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Reported at the Conference on Problems of the Electrophysiology of the Central Nervous System, Moscow, 1958.

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Livanov, M.N., Tsypin, A.B., Grigor'ev, Y.G. et al. Influence of electromagnetic fields on the electrical activity of rabbit cerebral cortex. Bull Exp Biol Med 49, 478–481 (1960).

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