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The secretory function of the small intestine in dogs after resection of the stomach

Communication L. Periodic secretion
  • M. S. Martsevich
Pathological Physiology and General Pathology


Data concerning the secretory and enzyme-secretory function of the small intestine after resection of 2/3 of the stomach in dogs was studied. The amount of the intestinal juice in periodical secretion, the ratio of the fluid to the solid part and the content of the 5 enzymes-enterokinase, basicphosphatase, erepsin, lipase and amylase—were examined.

It was demonstrated that there is a tendency to increased enzymatic activity of the intestinal juice after partial removal of the stomach. The most considerable increase was exhibited by phosphotase and enterokinase. The increase was more pronounced in the dogs, the general condition of which, after the operation, was good.

It is believed that the main increase of the activity occurring in the enzymes which take part in the protein cleavage is in direct relationship with the acute disturbance of the process of protein digestion in the upper part of the digestive tract and is, therefore, compensatory in character.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • M. S. Martsevich
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratory of the Physiology and Pathology of Digestion of the Institute of Normal and Pathological Physiology of the AMN SSSRMoscow

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