Metal Science and Heat Treatment

, Volume 22, Issue 3, pp 233–234 | Cite as

Hot plasticity of structural steel in relation to deformation conditions

  • I. N. Bogachev
  • T. M. Maslakova
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The existence of general rules governing changes in the hot plasticity, the similar values of resistance to deformation at corresponding temperatures and deformation rates of steel St3 austenitized at 1150°C and not austenitized, and the similarity in the formation of structure at tdef>850°C leads to the assumption that not deformation of similar steels is possible without preliminary high-temperature heating (1150–1200°C) during treatment by such methods as high-temperature thermomechanical treatment or controlled rolling.


General Rule Structural Steel Deformation Rate Deformation Condition Thermomechanical Treatment 
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  • I. N. Bogachev
  • T. M. Maslakova

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