Metal Science and Heat Treatment

, Volume 20, Issue 5, pp 412–413 | Cite as

Effect of preliminary heat treatment on phase transformations and properties of steel Kh15N5D2T (VNS-2)

  • S. A. Madyanov
  • B. I. Voronenko
  • E. S. Makhnev
Technical Information


Preliminary heat treatment has a substantial effect on the kinetics of the α→γ transformation, the amount of retained austenite, the grain size, and the work of crack propagation in steel Kh15N2D2T after final heat treatment.


Grain Size Heat Treatment Austenite Phase Transformation Substantial Effect 
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  • S. A. Madyanov
  • B. I. Voronenko
  • E. S. Makhnev

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