Magnetic separation of scale

  • A. Yu. Lakeichuk
Powder Metallurgy Industry: Economics and Organization of Production


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    Laboratory tests have established that dry magnetic separation can be used for cleaning both dry uncrushed scale and crushed scale to give a product with 0.084–0.131% silicon (loss of total iron in the tailings 0.1–0.41%).

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    Dry magnetic separation must be performed in two stages in two types of separator: the first stage in a 21SV separator for strongly magnetic ores, designed to separate the strongly magnetic fraction, the second stage comprising further treatment of the nonmagnetic product from the 21SV separator in a separator for weakly magnetic ores (the ÉRS-6 type).

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    Use of this scheme in commercial plants will give completely cleaned scale, suitable for manufacture of PZhl iron powder.



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