Metal Science and Heat Treatment

, Volume 20, Issue 6, pp 500–501 | Cite as

Properties of elastic elements made from bands of spring alloys

  • Yu. F. Nazarov
  • V. G. Shkurupii
  • A. G. Rakhshtadt
  • E. K. Koloskova
Technical Information


The values of the emitting characteristics (AS and ɛ) of bands of copper-beryllium alloys are considerably lower than those for alloy 36NKhTYu, which is the advantage of these alloys. For tubular springs we recommend bands of alloy BrBNT1.7Mg, which along with minimal values of AS and ɛ has high mechanical properties.


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  • Yu. F. Nazarov
  • V. G. Shkurupii
  • A. G. Rakhshtadt
  • E. K. Koloskova

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