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Chemical and photometric evolution of elliptical galaxies

  • C. Chiosi
Structure and Evolution of Massive Stars


In this paper we present the new chemical-spectro-photometric models of population synthesis by Bressan, Chiosi & Fagotto (1993). The models are specifically designed for elliptical galaxies. They include the presence of dark matter and galactic winds triggered by the energy deposit from supernovae and winds of massive stars. The models are aimed at studying the UV-excess and its dependence on the metallicity, the color-magnitude relation, and the color evolution as a function of the redshift. It is shown that in order to explain the color-magnitude relation as a result of galactic winds, the energy input from massive stars is required. Supernovae alone cannot provide sufficient energy to start galactic wind before the metallicity and hence colors have got saturated. We show that the main source of the UV-excess are the old, hot HB and AGB manque stars of high metallicity present in varying percentages in the stellar content of a galaxy. Since in our model the mean and maximum metallicity are ultimately driven by the mass of the galaxy, this provides a natural explanation for the observed correlation between UV-excess and metallicity. Finally, looking at the color evolution as function of the redshift, we suggest that a sudden change occurring in the color (1550-V) at the onset of the old, hot HB and AGB manque stars of high metallicity, is a good age indicator. The detection of this feature at a certain redshift would impose firm constraints on the underlying cosmological model of the universe.


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