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Effect of the temperature on crack nucleation in impurities upon deformation of steel 08T

  • S. I. Gubenko
  • Yu. V. Yatsenko
Strength Characteristics


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    Brittle nonmetallic impurities are a source of microcrack nucleation in steel at the early stages of deformation at all the investigated temperatures. The temperature and type of impurities determine their critical size, the critical degree of deformation at which cracks begin to nucleate in the impurities; they determine the interval of deformations in which impurities are the sole source of crack nucleation; the role of impurities in the development of fracture and the number of impurities in which cracks nucleate.

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    The mechanism of the origin of microfractures (cavities or cracks) also affects the investigated parameters. At higher deformation temperatures the role of impurities in the development of fracture of steel 08T becomes less important.



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  • S. I. Gubenko
  • Yu. V. Yatsenko

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