Boundary-Layer Meteorology

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Similarity criteria for the application of fluid models to the study of air pollution meteorology

  • William H. Snyder


Similarity criteria for modeling atmospheric flows in air and water are reviewed. It is shown that five nondimensional parameters plus a set of nondimensional boundary conditions must be matched in model and prototype. The neglect of the Rossby number can lead to serious errors in modeling of diffusion in a prototype with a length scale greater than about five kilometers. The Reynolds number, the Peclet number and the Reynolds-Schmidt product criteria may be neglected if the model flow is of sufficiently high Reynolds number. The Froude number criterion appears to be the most important. The complete specification of boundary conditions is found to be nebulous, but is discussed in some detail. Over-roughening of the model surface may be necessary to satisfy a roughness Reynolds number criterion. Both air and water appear to be suitable fluids to use as modeling media.


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