General Relativity and Gravitation

, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp 513–536 | Cite as

Epistemological questions concerning cosmology and gravitation

  • André Mercier
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This paper considers successively: Cosmological Determinism (as an approach to other possible determinisms), the concept of a Cosmic Space (as compared with other concepts of space), Time as being, according to GRG, of a richer nature and of a structure more complicated than thought of by Newton and Kant (especially: spacetime is not a space, but time itself), the idea of a unified theory (based either on the wish to synthesize different dynamics or on a principle that interactions should be unified). A consequence of these considerations is that, possibly, gravitation is not an interaction like other ‘usual’ interactions, much rather it would be an aspect of Time itself.


Differential Geometry Unify Theory Rich Nature Epistemological Question Cosmic Space 
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  • André Mercier
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