Letters in Mathematical Physics

, Volume 35, Issue 3, pp 229–236 | Cite as

On the constrained KP hierarchy II

  • L. A. Dickey


A constrained KP hierarchy is discussed that was recently suggested by Aratynet al. and by Bonoraet al. This hierarchy is a restriction of the KP to a submanifold of operators which can be represented as a ratio of two purely differential operators of prescribed orders. Explicit formulas for action of vector fields on these two differential operators are written which gives a new description of the hierarchy and provides a new, more constructive proof of compatibility of the constraint with the hierarchy. Also, the Poisson structure of the constrained hierarchy is discussed.

Mathematics Subject Classifications (1991)

35Q58 58F07 


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  • L. A. Dickey
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of MathematicsUniversity of OklahomaNormanUSA

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