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, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 123–128 | Cite as

Depression movement in family therapy with depressed adolescents

  • James Lantz


Family therapists presume, observe, and predict that depression can move from member to member in the family system depending upon the dynamics of the system as a whole. When an adolescent who is depressed begins to improve in family treatment, many family therapists have reported that the parents will often begin to experience an increase in their level of depression. This observation has been reported but has not been objectively measured. In this clinical study of four families, adolescent and parental depression during family therapy is measured to determine if depression movement does occur during family treatment. Results indicate that in three of the four families the parents did initially show depression level increases reactive to improvement in the adolescent. Such findings are supportive to the idea that some forms of adolescent depression often do serve a family system function.


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  • James Lantz
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  1. 1.College of Social WorkOhio State UniversityColumbus
  2. 2.Willage Counseling Associates in Worthington

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