Space Science Reviews

, Volume 67, Issue 3–4, pp 241–362 | Cite as

The AM CVn systems: A bibliographic search for clues to their cataclysmic nature



The nature of AM CVn, GP Com, CR Boo, and V803 Cen is investigated in detail on the basis of a comprehensive review of all that to-date is known about these systems. They are classified as cataclysmic variables, within these forming the subclass of AM CVn systems; their distinguishing characteristic is an extreme H-deficiency. Besides, they are very blue and display periodicities on the order of minutes. Although in several aspects they behave like cataclysmics, in others they differ from them. The most widely accepted interpretation for their nature involves two interacting He white dwarfs in a very close orbit. The validity of such a model is evaluated in the present work.


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