Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

, Volume 19, Issue 6, pp 703–709 | Cite as

Stability of a hydrogen diffusion flame in an accompanying air flow

  • Yu. M. Annushkin
  • G. F. Maslov
  • E. D. Sverdlov


As a result of this experimental and theoretical study we obtained relations showing how the velocity head ratio affects the mixture ratio, the extent of fuel combustion and the gas temperature in the recirculation zone on the interval qa=0.01-100. These relations are needed to establish the laws of diffusion-flame stability and to evaluate the thermal state of the nozzle edges in the high-temperature recirculation zone.

The master characteristics obtained for the hydrogen diffusion flame can be used for determining the regions of initial parmaters of the mixing flows with a stable flame and for selecting the nozzle systems for hydrogen power plants, which are subject to high thermal stress, while the form of the generalization can be used for analyzing the stability of the diffusion flames of other gaseous fuels.


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  • Yu. M. Annushkin
  • G. F. Maslov
  • E. D. Sverdlov

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