Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

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Burning of nitroglycerine powder in vacuum and at subatmospheric pressures

  • A. A. Zenin


Temperature profiles have been obtained for the stable burning of N powder at pressures from p≤≤0.5 mm Hg to p=620 mm Hg and different initial temperatures. The surface temperatures of the burning powder have been found. The burning rates, the temperature coefficients of the burning rates, and values of the criterion β(Ts−T0) have been found as functions of pressure and initial temperature. The amount of heat released in the condensed phase and supplied from the gas phase to the condensed phase has been calculated.

It has been shown that at pressures less than 220 mm Hg a stability criterion allowing for the inertia of the reaction layer of the condensed phase (at constant surface temperature) applies, while at pressures of 220 mm Hg and above a criterion obtained with allowance for the variable (with pressure) surface temperature and based on the assumption that the reaction zones are inertialess is also valid.


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