Journal of Structural Chemistry

, Volume 23, Issue 6, pp 830–837 | Cite as

Electronic structure and chemical conversions of peroxides. II. Mindo/3 calculations of reaction mechanism in noncatalytic epoxidation of olefins by hydroperoxides

  • V. N. Kokorev
  • N. N. Vyshinskii
  • V. P. Maslennikov
  • I. A. Abronin
  • G. M Zhidomirov
  • Yu. A. Aleksandrov


Physical Chemistry Peroxide Inorganic Chemistry Hydroperoxide Reaction Mechanism 
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Copyright information

© Plenum Publishing Corporation 1983

Authors and Affiliations

  • V. N. Kokorev
  • N. N. Vyshinskii
  • V. P. Maslennikov
  • I. A. Abronin
  • G. M Zhidomirov
  • Yu. A. Aleksandrov

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