Journal of Structural Chemistry

, Volume 34, Issue 1, pp 46–55 | Cite as

Construction of vibrational basis spectra of multicomponent systems 1. Aerosil

  • I. V. Markichev
  • I. natkanets
  • E. F. Sheka


Aerosil (pyrogenous dispersed silica) is considered as a three-component system consisting of a silica core, hydroxyl shell, and adsorbed water. Factoring was carried out for its amplitude-weighted vibrational state density (AWSD) spectra obtained using inelastic neutron scattering at 10 K into the spectra of the components comprising this system. The factoring method used is based on the postulate of lack of correlation of the basis spectra. The factoring was carried out by the construction of physically significant basis spectra satisfying the zero linear correlation coefficient criterion for a set of AWSD spectra of the starting and modified samples of Aerosil A380.


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  • I. V. Markichev
  • I. natkanets
  • E. F. Sheka

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