Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves

, Volume 31, Issue 5, pp 524–531 | Cite as

Flame propagation through an aluminum aerosuspension at reduced pressure

  • D. A. Yagodnikov
  • A. V. Voronetskii
  • V. I. Lapitskii


The rate of flame propagation through an aerosuspension of ASD-1 powdered aluminum is measured in the pressure range 0.1–0.05 MPa and at various component ratios corresponding to a fuel excess. Linear reduction in flame speed with reduction in pressure is observed. It is shown that the combustion of aluminum—air mixture is the most sensitive to pressure change. Spectrozonal cinerecording and optoelectronic image analysis are used to determine the temperature field in the flame front of an overenriched aerosuspension; the formation of eddy structures due to the hydrodynamic interaction of particle settling and the formation and propagation of a combustion surface is recorded.


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  • D. A. Yagodnikov
  • A. V. Voronetskii
  • V. I. Lapitskii

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