Anticorrosion coatings of gas treatment plant equipment

  • V. N. Polyakov
  • L. K. Gordienko
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There are not universal coatings for protection of gas treatment plant equipment from corrosion. In particular, porous aluminum coatings may be used when they are anodic. In media in which aluminum coatings are cathodic the corrosion cracking process is not retarded even with the appearance of a single crack.

Porosity-free (without open pores) nickel-phosphorus coatings possess high overvoltages of the anodic and cathodic electrochemical processes in aggressive media and provide effective anticorrosion protection of steel.

The protective properties of coatings under the simultaneous action of various mechanical loads and also in fretting corrosion, wear, and corrosion cracking must be considered separately for each specific case.


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  • V. N. Polyakov
    • 1
  • L. K. Gordienko
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  1. 1.Organization of Production, and Technical and Economic Investigations in the Gas IndustryAll-Union Scientific-Research Institute for EconomyMoscow

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