Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils

, Volume 2, Issue 6, pp 428–431 | Cite as

Comparative evaluation of the effect of jet fuel additives

  • Ya. B. Chertkov
  • V. M. Ignatov
Refinery Apparatus


  1. 1.

    It has been established that the additives Ionol and PODFA have an inhibiting effect in the initial stage of the fuel-component oxidation process, limiting the formation of primary oxidation products.

  2. 2.

    The FOA-2 additive and the aliphatic amine have an inhibiting effect in the stage of oxidative condensation of preformed fuel-soluble, oxygen-containing compounds, which are the source of solid-phase formation when no additive is present.

  3. 3.

    The Ionol and PODFA, when used at elevated fuel temperatures in the presence of active sulfur compounds (in particular, mercaptans) do not have any protective action for copper or copper alloys; this leads to excessive corrosion of these metals.



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  • Ya. B. Chertkov
  • V. M. Ignatov

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