Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils

, Volume 2, Issue 7, pp 492–496 | Cite as

Effect of polymethacrylate on oxidation of naphthenic-paraffinic hydrocarbons

  • S. Z. Kaplan
  • L. F. Efimova
Service Properties of Fuels and Oils


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    It has been established that polymethacrylate, when added to a naphthenic-paraffinic fraction of lubricating oil, has an effect on the oxidation of this fraction at 140–180°C. When the polymer is present, there is a more rapid accumulation of peroxides and products from the conversion of peroxides (alcohols, carbonyl compounds, and acids).

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    Polymers of higher molecular weight have a greater effect on the oxidation process and are subject to more severe breakdown.



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  • S. Z. Kaplan
  • L. F. Efimova

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