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Influence of grain boundary weak links on the nonequilibrium response of YBaCuO thin films to short laser pulses


The transient voltage response in both epitaxial and granular YBaCuO thin films to 80 ps pulses of YAG∶Nd laser radiation of wavelength 0.63 and 1.54 μm was studied. In the normal and resistive states both types of films demonstrate two components: a nonequilibrium picosecond component and a bolometric nanosecond one. The normalized amplitudes are almost the same for all films. In the superconducting state we observed a kinetic inductive response and two-component shape after integration. The normalized amplitude of the response in granular films is up to five orders of magnitude larger than in epitaxial films. We interpret the nonequilibrium response in terms of a suppression of the order parameter by the excess of quasiparticles followed by the change of resistance in the normal and resistive states or kinetic inductance in the superconducting state. The sharp rise of inductive response in granular films is explained both by a diminishing of the cross section for current percolation through the disordered network of Josephson weak links and by a decrease of condensate density in neighboring regions.

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