Some problems of recrystallization of austenite during high-temperature thermomechanical treatment of chromium steels

  • G. I. Cherepanova


The rate of recrystallization of austenite during HTMT of 8% Cr steels is relatively slow, and the high level of HTMT-induced strength is retained even if some recrystallization is allowed to take place.

The strength of steel subjected to HTMT does not exceed the strength of conventionally treated (quench-hardened) steel if accumulative recrystallization is allowed to develop. A “reversible hardening” effect is also observed if the partial recrystallization of austenite during direct HTMT goes beyond a certain point.


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  • G. I. Cherepanova
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  1. 1.Institute of Physics and Mechanics AS UkrSSRL'vov

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